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Celebrating Quality Service since 1961

Company Background

International Fire Equipment Corporation As a Third Generation company, it’s roots date back to 1961 when it was founded by Irvin Jarzembowski as Irv's Fire Extinguisher Company.  As a former chief design engineer for the fire protection company, Randolph Laboratories of Northbrook, Illinois, he brought into his business almost 20 years of professional fire protection expertise. In 1961, Irv started with a single truck and a vision - to provide quality products and services to commerce and industry. Since that time, the vision continues to grow and flourish under the expertise of his son, Jim, Irv's grandaughter Julie and her husband Mark as International Fire Equipment Corporation. As the fire protection industry has advanced into the 21st century, so has International Fire Equipment. With new and expanded product and service lines, we are prepared to take your fire protection to the next level.

As an active member of the fire protection community, International Fire Equipment Corporation (I.F.E.C.) is furthering fire protection technology through active membership in the following organizations:

  •   National Fire Protection Association
  •   National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
  •   Northern Illinois Fire Inspectors Association
  •   American Society of Certification for Engineering and Technology
  •   Society of Fire Protection Engineers
  •   N.I.C.E.T.
  •   Underwriters Laboratories Standards Advisory Council

In 1996, International Fire Equipment Corporation, became the first Fire Protection Equipment Distributor in North America to attain ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is an international quality standard, which is recognized as a benchmark for acceptance of a product or service based solely on quality. As an ISO 9001 structured company, we are more than able to provide that piece of mind!!!

International Fire Equipment Corp.