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International Fire Equipment Corporation is proud to announce it's affiliation with FireTrace Automatic Fire Suppression Systems of Scottsdale, Arizona.  This addition to our product line helps to further round out our fire suppression systems offerings, while filling a void in the smaller suppression system market.

What is FireTrace?

A simple, self-activating fire suppression system specifically designed for installation inside enclosures, cabinets, and machinery housings, to trigger automatically and extinguish fires at their source- within that enclosed or confined space.  Additionally, new developments have made it possible for this system to be used for non-enclosed applications as well.

What is the Principle of FireTrace?

The FireTrace system utilizes a flexible, proprietary, high-tech polymer tube, attached to an agent cylinder.  This specialized tube is the only material available that combines leak resistance, flexibility, and accurate temperature sensitivity which allows it to react at between 212° F and 248° F.  The tube acts as a detector and extinguishing agent delivery mechanism.  It is installed in direct proximity to potential fire sources, which allows the system to detect and extinguish the fire at any point along the length of the- quickly and efficiently.

How Does it Work?

If a flame comes in contact with the FireTrace tubing, the tube wall softens at the point of the flame impingement and bursts in the shape of a nozzle.  The rapid decrease in line pressure activates to an optional pressure switch- allowing for interconnection to fire alarm systems, process shutdowns, or other such interfaces.  The extinguishing agent can be adjusted to suit the respective fire risk.   The FireTrace tubing is a linear flame/heat detector that will always be activated at the first point (anywhere along it's length) that the discharge temperature is reached.  This eliminated the need for any sort of electrical power source.

This simple, self-activating system is extremely versatile and reliable, resulting in an extremely high cost-performance ratio.  The FireTrace system does not rely on any complex electronics or moving parts- it is the ONLY system of it's kind in the industry today.

Why FireTrace?

FireTrace Fire Suppression systems offer the following advantages over the conventional-type systems:

When looking for that special type fire suppression system, look no further than International Fire Equipment and FireTrace Automatic Fire Suppression Systems.